Biography Mick

My interest in wildlife started in my early teens when I was introduced to bird watching and in particular wildfowl by my then captain of the sea cadet company I was a member of, assisting him once a month with the wildfowl record count for the Cuckmere Haven, East Sussex. From an early age I belonged to the then Wildfowl Trust, it was during one particular visit to Slimbridge that I passed all the junior test levels and at the same time meeting the legendary Peter Scott at the children’s Christmas party held there. I initially trained as motor mechanic, before changing careers by joined the Sussex Police, starting on the beat before becoming the Schools Liaison Officer for Worthing. The latter part of my service I worked as part of the rural response team at Arundel, as well as taking on the part time role of Wildlife Liaison Officer. After retiring from Sussex Police, Pat and I worked for the Caravan Club as site wardens, after training running sites at Henley on Thames and Brockenhurst in the New Forest.

Having long been interested in photography and in particular wildlife photography, I changed directions on retiring from the Police service and started to film wildlife it instead. Pat and I have been lucky to have travelled to many places around the world in order to do so. Now having retired a second time, Pat and I will be travelling around the UK in our caravan filming British wildlife hopefully building up a large library of stock footage, as well as producing some DVD’s of our travels.

Biography Pat

I spent my childhood growing up in Worthing, West Sussex. My interest in wildlife was fostered at an early age by my Grandparents who ran a small nursery. My father was a keen amateur artist in later life who loved to paint birds. My career up until working with Mick for the caravan club was in the rag trade, working in foundation (bra’s knickers and corsets) and swim wear design rooms as a sample machinist. Mick and I started working for the Caravan Club after our children had flown the nest and he had retired from the police service. I took up photography in order to take stills for the disc and insert covers of the travel and wildlife DVD’s we were now producing. All the pictures on this web site are from my albums. I should also mention I am Mick’s runner, tea maker as well as his eyes and ears when he is filming. Not all the kids have left home, I still have one big one to look after!

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